Fetal Heart: Normal and Abnormal 04-05 June 2021

“WSPM Online Course- Fetal Heart: Normal and Abnormal” is the topic for the online course on 04-05 June, 2021. We are grateful that Alberto Galindo has prepared the scientific program in a good way as the coordinator of this course. I am hoping that it will be useful for your scientific activity and clinical practice.

04 June 2021 Friday

Unconditional support of

unconditional support of

05 June 2021 Saturday

04 June 2021 Friday


 Introduction: Cihat Sen – Alberto Galindo


Routine fetal heart examination at 20-24 weeks: What should be included?

Tullio Ghi

How to measure cardiac structures and study the cardiac rhythm

Valentina De Robertis

Advantages and limitations of early fetal echocardiography

Jader Cruz
20′Coffee and discussionCihat Sen
 Tips and tricks to detect septal defectsNicola Volpe
20′Tips and tricks to detect conotruncal defectsAlberto Galindo
20′Tips and tricks to detect aortic arch anomaliesEnery Gómez-Montes
20′Should always fetal genetic study be advised?Rabih Chaoui
20′Coffee and discussionCihat Sen

05 June 2021 Saturday


Timezone: Mexico 08.00, New York-Peru-Chile 09.00, Brazil-Argentina 10.00, Nigeria-UK 14.00, Rome-Madrid 15.00, Istanbul 16.00, India 18.30, Indonesia 20.00, Beijing-Manila 21.00, Japan 22.00
(convert to your own time zone)


Role of prenatal MRI in fetuses diagnosed of congenital heart defects

Elisa Llurba

Fetal interventions for fetal heart defects: Which defects?

Anita MoonGrady

Perinatal management of most common congenital heart defects

Francesco D’Antonio
20′Coffee and discussion:Alberto Galindo
20′Real benefits from the prenatal diagnosis of congenital heart defectsDimpna Albert
20′Neurological outcome of patients born with congenital heart defectsAsma Khalil
20′Coffee and discussion:Cihat Sen

Unconditional support of

unconditional support of
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Start Date

June 4, 2021

End Date

June 5, 2020


Alberto Galindo


English, Spanish, Russian