WSPM Online Course – Essentials in Fetal Heart Evaluation – 06 November 2020


“Fetal Heart” is the topic for the online course on the 6th of November, 2020. I am grateful that Christoph Berg has prepared the scientific program in a good way as the coordinator of this course. I am hoping that it will be useful for your scientific activity and clinical practice.

It is free of charge course. If you have already registered for the previous courses, you have to just login. Otherwise you need to register in advance. Hope to see you online.


Scientific Program

06 November 2020 Friday

Timezone Peru-Mexico-Chicago 08.00, New York-Baltimore-Chile 09.00, Brazil-Argentina 10.00, Nigeria-UK 14.00, CET-Rome-Madrid 15.00, Istanbul 16.00, India 18.30, Indonesia 20.00, Beijing-Manila 21.00, Japan 22.00
(convert to your own time zone)
Introduction Cihat Sen, Christoph Berg  
20′ Basic and extended cardiac scan? Live demonstration Boris Tutschek
20′ First trimester fetal heart evaluation for OB/Expert Kai Sven Heling
20′ The abnormal four chamber view Cihat Sen
20′ Abnormal outflow tract view and 3VT-view Ingo Gottschalk
 20′  Coffee and discussion
Gurur Biliciler Denktas, Jun Yoshimatsu
20′ The big five of fetal heart: How to diagnose the 5 most frequent cardiac defects? Karim Kalache
20′ The abnormal situs Christoph Berg
20′ Venous anomalies Reuven Achiron
 20′  Arrhythmias  Ulrich Gembruch
 20′  Coffee and discussion
Valentina De Robertis, Crhistoph Berg

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